Saturday, October 10, 2009

Flatiron Fixin's

The sun was up on the Flatirons and the view from the road in front of the house mid week was amazing, though it was quick as Mr.Mountain Lion has been spotted hunting on the ditch line behind the homes up here and he left a little calling card (dead Mule deer) in the next door neighbor's yard. When you are on the menu you don't tarry long.
Time for a proper breakfast. BAKED FRENCH TOAST WITH PEACHES, cream cheese, maple and nuts.



with fresh fruit and of course, BACON. I'm not sure if it's the clean mountain air and water,
or the treks way up high. . . .
but I'm as hungry as a mountain lion.


  1. Fresh air does wonders for the appetite. I get too much fresh air.

    But on the other hand, one can never get too much Fresh Aire:

    (Mannheim Steamroller's "Fresh Aire Sonata" - Chip Davis, a Nebraska boy.)

  2. That looks like an awesome breakfast, Brigid. I haven't had frittata in a very long time, though the recipe that I ate had Zuchini in it.

    It snowed last night here in Mpls Mn. But then, being part of the siberia of North Amercia, its something to expect - even on Oct 10th.

    Beutiful pics of the area. Thank you.

  3. Looks and sounds like a great place to spend some time; the food is just a bonus.

  4. I wish I'd had a 'backyard' like that growing up. Would have been much more interesting than acres upon acres of corn. Great pictures of the scenery and the food.

    There was an article in "Outside" magazine several years ago on the expansion of the range of the mountain lion/cougar. I chuckled when I saw the subtitle "Honey, have you seen Fifi?" That article predicted that it might not be too long before we're seeing cougars in the Midwest again. You might not be able to say you don't see that in Indiana.

  5. Mmmmmmm...bacon. My friend Julie is coming to visit tomorrow and she'll be bringing along some of the best bacon in the state of Wisconsin from a little local meat shop near her place. I may just have to get inspired by your post and cook a "fancy" breakfast while she's here, as she did request French toast.

  6. The food and the scenery both look great. I suspect Younger Daughter will WANT french toast, now.

    Friends in southeast Missouri have been losing chickens to mountain lions for several years now. Earlier this week, something spooked their dogs & horses, too. They've been spending late evenings on the porch with a .30-30, watching.

  7. If you are in Boulder I shall pout all night. It is my absolute fav part of the world. Lucille's is the place for breakfast if you wish to be lazy.

    DANG IT! And my stepdaughter said Denver had snow today. ARGH!!!!

  8. The big kitties are hanging out here in east central Nebraska and have been for several years.

  9. Looks mighty tasty, in any event. Hope it comes on the tail of adventures you intend to share soon.

  10. The big kitty-kats are here in the Midwest; I don't think they were ever eradicated. I've seen some, and a good many sober, intelligent outdoorsmen have admitted to seeing them, too. This past spring saw reports of "a dam big cat with a long tail" at the chicken house as well as multiple missing dog reports.

    BTW, Stop with the food already! How am I supposed to lose weight with your succulent recipes on display? Grumble, grumble; natter,natter...
    (JK- well, mostly...)

  11. Welcome to my home town, Brigid. I hunt Mr. Lion here in the foothills with my .44 Ruger when it snows. Often I am not sure who is the hunted.

  12. Ms. Brigid,
    I have been reading your blog for some time, but today I almost cried because the pictures of food were so beautiful. I have been inspired to cook and eat until I cant move today. Thank you.


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