Friday, October 9, 2009

A small blast of a whistle from Colorado

Ghosts of Trains

From the mist there comes a train

a vision of noise and steam.
Vital glory not tempered by time
headed East for suns first gleam.

Bridging a gap of deep drowned past
moving onto mournful plain.
Abandoned dream and memory
washed clean by wind and rain.

The whistle sings the sad goodbye

of lovers that have strayed.
A song of melancholy rails

for prices we have paid.
What is it of a train that draws
beneath this heedless sky?
Escape or fire, strength, desire
I could not tell you why.

But I find it hard to turn away
with unremitting breath
Machinery fueled by fires might
inhaling life from death

Too late to catch but not to dream
its lure for me won't wane.
For gathered now inside of me
the ghosts of trains remain.
Brigid 2009


  1. I smell Durango-Silverton in the air ...

    That's such a wonderful, evocative poem. Thank you.

  2. Man.. I'm jealous! I'd love to be up in that part of the country right now.

  3. Fantastic. Looking forward to the railway photos. And some new blogs about your adventures.

  4. Glad you visited my State Colorado. Hope you enjoyed yourself and looked upon "Purple Mountain Majesty". I grew up here and I still have not seen all there is to visit here. (next on my list is Mesa Verde)

  5. The museum is fine, but you've got to smell smoke and get cinders in your eyes. Durango-Silverton is an incredible ride and be sure to have a beer at the American Legion hall in Silverton so you notice the F-105 portrait on the wall behind the bar. Second best ride is Chama-Antonito. Either would be beautiful this time of year.

    Shorter time and more "on the beaten path" is the Georgetown Loop which is right on I-70. The literal "high point" of the ride is the 360 degree double trestle, but the stop for a hard-rock mine tour is also included in the price of admission.

    I love trains!

  6. Did the Colorado RR Museum and the Georgetown Loop the same weekend the Colt Collectors show was in Denver. Talk 'bout your 19th Century overdose! This will take care of all your future vacation plans:


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