Wednesday, September 22, 2010

No Need to Worry Folks -

It's safe to get back on the ride.

A number of my readers had serious issue with my posting a non-bacon, beef or butter recipe last week.

Just so you know that . . .

(1) I wasn't kidnapped by aliens
(2) No one fell madly in love with me, resulting in marriage and my replacement by a tree hugger (as likely as the alien thing).
(3) I had that frontal lobe damage thing and started eating brussel sprouts for dinner.

I present. . . . .

I'm off to watch the new Resident Evil movie with some of my guy friends from the IND blog group. For some reason it's a spouse free night, as "that's not my thing" was cited.

Who wouldn't love Resident Evil, especially as the guys say it's in 3-D????

I'll be back for shooty or bacony goodness on Friday night.


  1. Thank goodness. I was worrying myself sick, looking for strange pods growing in the vegetable patch.
    Bacon on a STICK. I bet they make a million dollars.

    Best wishes.

  2. I was scared! Thank goodness you are OK!

  3. Have fun at the movies. I need to go see that while it is still playing. Will be good in 3D.

    Can you order the bacon on a stick wrapped with bacon?

  4. Rich - It's going to be "guy night" so if you're in IND you're welcome to join us.

    I'm not sure if you can get it double wrapped. No one asked.

  5. Brigid,

    Awesome. Very, very, very good!


  6. Now I think Brussel Sprouts covered in Bacon and Butter sound like a damn fine start to a meal if you ask me.

  7. Bacon on a Stick?

    They DESERVE a million dollars!

  8. The new ED was supposed to come out in 2012, do you have new info or just watching one of the other ED's IN 3D? Army of Darkness, the best, watched it at least 40 times, and keep it on the dresser when you just can't find anything to watch. When I go on the road, I use one of those C/D car velcro and nylon carriers to take up to 20 dvd or cd's, since I usually take the IPOD, the wallet carriers, are full of DVD's, and I carry a small dvd player. Just like home.

    Have you seen the new Boondock saints? There is 1 scene where the Beautiful Redhead FBI agent plays what I think is a mannequin, and she looks just like your avatar, and when she go's into action, I can only think of you, check it out. I think others will agree.

    Have fun, B.

    " Good guy, Bad Guy, I'm the guy with the gun " Shop Smart, shop S Mart.

    Bruce Campbell is one of my faves. ED would not be the same without him.

    M25 out.

  9. M25 - sorry, it was Resident Evil, had Evil Dead on the brain from watching one on disk the other night.

  10. "That's not my thing"?

    Mrs. Roscoe griped through most of "My Name is Bruce". Then she spent the rest of the weekend recalling and giggling at the best lines.

    Just in case you didn't see this already

    I've stopped twitching whenever someone says "iPhone".

  11. Bacon, Bacon, Bacon.......she said BACON!!

  12. When is the Bacon Perfume coming would make a mint! I want in on the new company.

    Possible names for perfume -

    Bacon Whiff
    Swine Soiree
    Belly Fat Bling
    Crispy BLT Sniff - It has veggies!
    Side Meat Wind

    and don't forget about the shower gels....

  13. Hey don't be hatin' on the sprouts. They're quite good if you cook them correctly.

    A couple months ago I found a Resident Evil marathon on TV. That was an awesome Sunday afternoon.

  14. Damn, I was worried there for a minute. Afraid we might’ve poked a hole in the time/space continuum. Bad Mojo. But I can see all is right with the world.

  15. @Ed

    Used to be that any woman who wore Opium around me was in danger of having her neck bitten.

    With Bacon Perfume, I can guarantee I wouldn't be able to restrain myself...

  16. 3D?! My wife will love that, I feel a movie night comin' up soon.

    I had to have a bacon butty for breakfast this morning. Absolutely had to. Really. With HP sauce.

    I'll have some of that bacon wrapped bacon with a double helping of bacon sauce.

    Ooh...bacon sauce...I have an idea.....

  17. Glad to see the Universe has returned to its good and proper order. And posting on a Friday Night? Isn't there some pub that needs help lowering its supply of Guinness?

  18. Awesome! Glad to hear you weren't kidnapped by baconless aliens.

    Let us know how Afterlife is.

    That's one movie I might just have to go see. Milla Jovovich is great in the entire series.

  19. When my wife makes brussel sprouts, they are prepared with bacon. It makes them irresistible.

  20. I knew nothing was wrong with you, B. I just figured you had a brain fart or something... or maybe it was a brain burp as everybody knows girls don't fart, right?
    But anyway, glad to see your right on track again. :^)

  21. For a belated birthday gift, my son came by, picked me up and took me to town to see the new Resident Evil movie in 3D. I’ve only worn 3D glasses to watch a movie once and it was some horror B movie decades ago and it didn’t impress me much because I couldn’t tell you what the film was even about.

    After watching the new RE in 3D all I can say is that 3D technology has greatly improved!

    It was a pricey movie though (even for a matinee), but it was pretty good.

    I had a good laugh with my son when we were instructed to “Go Green” and turn the 3D glasses back in to the theatre!


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