Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tofurkey FAIL -

Broad Ripples is home to a number of "hippie owned" businesses. I stopped in this place to buy blue corn meal, as they have a great collection of bulk grains for the healthy or the "preppy". But when it comes time to meet some of my favorite people for an impromptu dinner afterwards with my weekend house guests,everyone voted to pass on the tofurkey pizza.

First it was off to Penzey's where a few spices were picked up for friends,  then off to Artesano's for some alderwood smoked salt and 18 year old Balsamic Vineger.

Future cooking ingredients in hand, it time to head off to  Brugge Brasserie for food involving meat. 

Tam had a T Shirt that explained things.

Conversation was good as always, books, Amazon publishing, more books, the Delta mileage perks of being an internet rock star, shotguns, geese and Old World Style charcuterie, good writers and bad writers . . .
"Brigid - "so why the fuss about this new best seller about farm outbuildings (wink to D ) . . '.Fifty Sheds of Grey".

"Tam - "I've not heard of it"

Miss D - " It's Twilight Fan Fiction with BDSM". 

Tam - uncontrollable snickers

We started with the usual "would you like large fries with that", with all their dipping sauces (Dijon with Poplar Syrup was a new favorite), followed by an assortment of roast beasts, steak and eggs (Roberta X's excellent looking choice), Le Canard, more frites and cheese plates with all kinds of sausage/pate things . There was in-house microbrewery IPA, good coffee and lots of catching up as I'd just met Peter briefly once at a previous blog meet and his new bride Miss D. and I hadn't seen each other in a year, though we chatted airplanes all the time. 

This was a duck confit sandwich with dried cherry and lambic compote, spicy mustard, and crispy fried leek (somewhere under that mound of hot, pepper coated frites).

Miss D ordered one of the buckets of mussels with blue cheese, bacon and white wine (they were steaming too much to get a good photo). While her husband had one of the cheese plates.

Soon it was time to leave to get to the gun store before they close to get ammo.

Finally, home to make a phone call to my Dad and a friend far away and of course, some play time with Barkley. .

"Yo Mom - you smell like Duck - you and I need to have a little chat. . ."


  1. Sounds delicious. Both the food and the company

  2. UK Houston - from Goose the Market in Indianapolin

  3. That's some fancy looking food.

    A few weeks ago, I picked up(didn't buy, just picked it up) a copy of 50 Shades at Target, and followed my wife around the store, reading her passages outloud.

    It wasn't all that much 'juicier' that the Katy McAlistair books my wife reads...but I guess since there are no vampires, it's 'Serious' literature, rather than the fantasy mommy porn my wife prefers.

  4. Holy frijole! That looks like a feast I could get into! Good thing I don't live close by or i'd be eating way too much too often at that place

  5. Sounds like a wonderful day. And Irish Woman says she loves the color of your hair in your picture. :-)

  6. Sounds like a near perfect weekend good food, good friends, and it sounds like some good range time comeing up.

    On an unrelated topic Stephen and Sweet Wife lost Little Bit to her father yesterday, Little Bit's mother also left so no visitation that way either. Please keep them in your prayers.

  7. Holy do you ladies manage to stay so slender eating all the great food you post about?
    I gain 5 lbs just looking at it!

  8. The food was excellent when we stopped there. The best part was being able to have Chloe with us on the terrace. She did manage to mooch one or 2 of the fries. Glad you had a fun afternoon.

  9. Tofu is an abonation and a stench unto the nostrils of the LORD

  10. Sounds like a great time with friends. Enjoy and my regards to your company. I enjoy the Blogs.

  11. Bless Barkley's heart, his muzzle is getting as grey as I am.

  12. Jennifer - some coworkers of one of the gunbloggers said Indianapolis doesn't have good food unless you like Applebee's. That is SO wrong.

    greg - I read a few passages, REALLY bad writing. Laughworthy.

    cw swanson - welcome! I try and limit such meals out to once a month. It's not easy though

    daddybearsden - not sure what picture she is referring two, that's Tam in the post with the light hair, mine is the color of copper. You both will have to get up here one of these days to join us.

    Fog45 - unfortunately the range we were going to had a match going on instead of the private shooting. We were too late to do the match and there was no where else to go. . so we went to breakfast. So much for the "I'll just have a piece of fruit after that big meal yesterday ".

    Drjim - I'm not sure that with my hips I could be called "slender" but meals like this or the big ones I make for friends, are the treat, not the norm. I have a lot of fruit and lean meat and greek yogurt and greens in my fridge.

    Mrs. S. - I ate breakfast with Tam and some friends this morning at a place called "Zest" in Broad Ripple. It is excellent and also had outside seating where there were a couple of nice dogs enjoying brunch with their owner. You'd like it. The food was outstanding.

    JC - plain tofu, marinated and stir fried is edible, but the preformed, additive laden, chemically enhanced stuff that is supposed to LOOK like meat is just awful.

    Keads - I will do so.

    Suerte - he'll be 10 his next birthday. Still pretty spry.

  13. Tofu - hmmm. Reminds me of Raymond:

  14. Have you read Ruhlman's book on charcuterie? Made me want to start raising ducks myself...

  15. Every time I read about the feed-stations you have up there, it makes me want to take some vacation and make a road-trip!

    We have a local radio guy who reads passages of "50 Shades" in the style of...James Brown!!! (It's even awesomer than it sounds!)


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