Thursday, July 19, 2012

Old NFO Started It

I removed the state counter as it seems to have more states than we do, but the link should work.
Create your own visited map of The World or Like this? try: Sea Level Rise

As for Russia, all I can say is "horse (with cream) it's what's for supper!" and if you say "I kill Moose and Squirrel" in a thick accent, people just look at you funny. I think I missed checking the box for Iceland, always a popular spot for pilots heading over the pond  both for the beautiful landscape and incredibly beautiful women (though I was partial to the deep spa tub and a bottle of Skjálfti myself)

Africa, don't ask.  Bullet holes do NOT buff out.

Peru - you've not seen bad airport food until you've seen deep fried Guinea Pig (complete with head and little hands).

I really would like to get to New Zealand and see if I could rent a float plane, with or without local instructor, with my US license, and kiss the deep, blue waters there.  Someday.



  1. Holy cow, you've been to a lot of Africa. If the bullets don't get you, the Malaria will. My brother-in-law from Utah was flying through Lagos and a mosquito got on the plane with them. The doctors in Utah dig him, because he brings them interesting cases ...

    But Spain is worth a visit, if you ever get the chance.

  2. Wow - so I guess that means you've been a good way, of course!

  3. What No Germany?? For the love of all beer drinkers in America, you must go.

  4. 14 states. Only one east of the Mississippi river.

    Don't think your record is in any danger from me.

  5. 14 states. Only one east of the Mississippi river.

    Don't think your record is in any danger from me.

  6. "Africa, don't ask."

    Well dang, that's what grabbed my attention right away. All those African places don't seem to be in line with the imprfession you have created of yourself.

  7. Canada.

    ...and Alaska (unless that counts as a state too). :)

  8. Wow! Yet you've never been down under...

    I've not been to many foreign countries... just a handful... like Canada, Mexico, Kentucky, New York City...

    Dann in Ohio

  9. My sole out-of-country experience was Canada (yearly family reunion trips when I was a kid), and I never made it further west than the Grand Canyon or so. I've lived a boring life in that respect, I suppose.

    However, I'm raising three kids, so that's an adventure all its own.

    My blog-readers-visit map of the world has been to more places, though. I think that's kinda cool!

  10. Obama has been in all 57 states in the USA

  11. wow, i envy you, globetrotter!
    thanks to the military, i've been to 22... got close to NZ via Australia and Antarctica, but they wouldn't let us in :(
    i always thought the MidEast was in Africa, not Asia...
    and i agree with Rob, because Oktoberfest in Munchen is a hoot, and they love Americans :)
    thanks for the cool link.

  12. Borepatch - When you get up this way to a blog meet I have quite an interesting photo album, including the cargo ramps of some scary looking places, and a couple of photos of me just beginning to burn to medium well next to a land rover in the Sarangetti. (and I am pretty sure that's spelled wrong, but it's been a LOONG day)

    armedlaughing - 95% of this was work, not holiday.

    Rob - I'd like to, a couple of my team mates were stationed there and have had nothing but positive things to say.

    Bob - I spent the first half of my life as pilot, not scientist. I've worked for a couple interesting government and uh. . "charitable" organizations as a pilot and have hauled a lot of folks and cargo that supported good guy ops over there and stateside.

    Old stories, best not told until I'm an old lady and no one cares

    Auntie J - as a kid it was Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and California and only in that we had family in those states, or had to drive through them to get to family. There were no big or expensive excursion type vacations as kids, though Mom and Dad shipped us off to my Uncle's Almond farm and they went to Hawaii for a second Honeymoon.

    old Okie - that's priceless!

  13. Heh. Just to let you know that a New Zealander (we call ourselves Kiwi's down here) reads your blog most days. I think you'd very likely love it here, aside from the fact that we don't allow firearms to be carried concealed.

    Having said that, NZ doesn't really have the urban free-fire zones that you get in bigger cities. Hell, there's more people living in NYCity than in all of NZ.

    As long as you avoid Auckland (not hard to do) then there's a whole lot of country to explore. Put it on your bucket list, and if you ever drop in, I'd be happy to give you tour guidy type suggestions. :)


  14. visited 61 states??

    Sorry had to do that..

  15. MadMedic - I removed the auto fill state counter, as it had more states than we have, but I think the link should work. I found that funny as well.

    MattB - I'm honored a Kiwi visits every day. Your country is beautiful and the people I've met from there are the best kind of folks. I hope to visit before I retire, and definitely after.

  16. Tried it, pretty neat, I am now at 54 which is only 25% of the world, don't think I am going to have the energy to up that number .

  17. The Russian Nurse at Mom's Extended Care Facility used to cheer me up by sneaking up behind me and whispering "Moose and Squirrel!" in my ear. I never knew that I had cartoon priaphillia before!


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