Saturday, July 14, 2012

On Limitations


  1. Not only my weapons limitations but mine as well,The older I get I am having to realize that I can no longer do half the stuff I used to do and have to adapt accordingly!

  2. Excellent point made. As to what Rhino said: you betcha. My eyes aren't what they were 20 years ago, and I'm finally learning to love the scope, rather than open sights. But those iron sights are still my first love.

  3. I know there are at least two of my friends who should have recognized the M and P 9 drawn in ASCII code.

    I should probably have titled this one - when Geeks are stuck in a small room with a head cold. ..

    Thanks for the notes! I got a day off but was all stuffed up and sneezing and coughing so didn't do much other than write and sleep.

    Brighid, I loved the wall art thing you sent and will use that quote sometime. I'd not seen that. Awesome. I wore my T shirt you sent, everyone thought it was cool.

    Rhino - I measure things now in how much they hurt the bad knee. I know the doc said it's be a full year but I'm chomping at the bit to go rappel or something.

    Rev Paul - I shoot cross eyed dominant which makes rifles and shotguns difficult. I end up shooting left handed.

  4. Well said, and as Rhino expounded, that includes your ultimate weapon, your brain/body. Know your limits. Push them occasionally, to expand/maintain them, but know them.

    I shoot cross-eye dominant, as well, and the only real problems I've found with rifles are 1) the odd hot brass snuggling into the crook of your right arm (if its an auto-loader) or b) having to break cheek-weld to rack the slide. To me, these are minor considerations when compared to the loving embrace given by a Mosin at trigger-pull.


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