Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Truth About Guys

I tend to be in an environment on and off work where it's pretty much all male.  I'm used to that.  In my last professional position, the guy I replaced was a General (gee, no expectations there).  It's taught me a lot about honor, sweat, blood and hard work and pulling together as a team.

But it does give me a different perspective on how very different, and how very alike, we all can be.

Names have been changed to protect the guilty.

A: (pulling out a newspaper at lunch and pointing to an article)  I sent messages last night to the guys on Facebook warning them about the upcoming bacon shortage!

B.  How did they react?

A. (with a look of concern) "Dude, they unfriended me!"

There's a reason I love you guys.  And don't forget, if someone sends a picture of me and I'm drinking a "Bud Light Lime" it's a sign.  I've been kidnapped, send back up and decent beer.



  1. When we moved to Washington decades ago, my mom ended up getting a job doing accounts work for a drywall company. After many years developing a name for herself in the drywall business, she took a job at a real accounting firm in Bellevue for more $$$$.

    She only last about a year there...she missed working with men folk, who say what they mean and mean what they say.

  2. Oh lord yes. 99% of the time, I'd rather work with men than with other women. Far less infighting.

  3. Love those Vikings at the beginning of your post. I think the one on the right is my husband. ;)

  4. Bud Light Lime?

    Nope, not gonna happen.

    Hope you're doing well, B.

  5. Bud Lite Lime?

    ROFL... that'll be the day.

  6. Yep, BLL, we'll be mounting the rescue! :-D

  7. Ditto what Erin said.

    I might take that a step further, too, and add "men who have a good work ethic" - since that's slowly becoming a rare either gender...

  8. I need to invent a Guinness Cannon.

    6 shot repeating of course.

  9. @six While there are air pressure based ones. This one is better for the audience. You would still need to work on the receiving system.

  10. I second naturegirl. I work with some pathetic, lazy, worthless pieces of .....

    As for working with men rather than women, my Mom always swore she'd rather have a male boss than female. I never understood that until I'd had a diversity of exposure in the workplace. I've seen the "mothering" mentality destroy group cohesion and foster an atmosphere of petty bickering. Then again, I've seen the same destruction from "men" with a gelatinous backbone.
    To this day, though, best boss I ever had was a black single mother. -She gave us enough rope to succeed or hang ourselves, with little ambiguity in the post-analysis. Most importantly, she had our backs instead of offering us as tokens in negotiations.


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